Let’s Go

People often ask me how I find my amazing travel deals.

Here’s how:
Airfare Watchdog
I am constantly updating the destinations for which I would like alerts. My “home” airport tends to be every single airport I can reasonably access. My destinations are wherever I would like to go in the next 12 months. I also get the daily fare alerts for my city.

Sky Scanner
Sky scanner has an app for iOS, which I recommend downloading. I love sky scanner because I can search from continent to continent, which is super useful when I am roaming around Asia etc. If I really need to get to Vietnam, I don’t usually care where I fly into as catching another domestic flight or even a train is cheap/easy. I would rather save $200 on the flight itself and put a little more effort into getting myself exactly where I need to go.

Hipmunk also has an app for iOS, which is worth the free download. I love that I can search multiple times to check various dates and that my searches can be saved across devices, if I’m logged in. You can sort by agony or by price etc because sometimes one matters more than the other.