Someone once told me “anyone can write.” And while it isn’t true of illiterate people (of which there is a shocking number still), most people who have attained any level of schooling can technically write.  Those who have gone to high school or college can probably produce half-decent papers or blog articles, perhaps even with a minimum of grammar or logical errors.

What not everyone can do is write engaging, compelling copy that leaves your readers coming back, again and again, for your words of wisdom or the solutions you’re selling.  Not everyone can produce copy that the search engines love just as much as your human audience, resulting in first page, perhaps even #1, ranking in Google and Bing and Yahoo etc.  Learning how to do that is a process, one very few people undertake and even fewer master.

Good news. You’ve found someone who has. Someone who loves to dig deep and understand your business, your message, your audience. Someone who can connect all three together through SEO and brilliant sales pages, email campaigns and regular content updates. Someone who isn’t just in it for the money, who can pick and choose her projects and clients with care. I have no interest in simply taking your money and giving you the minimum required result. I want to work with you, help you build your brand, ensure your message reaches your audience. You are an expert at what you do and my mission is to help connect you with your audience.